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Wednesday, 15. May 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: Nixon- accessoires that reflect your lifestyle









Wednesday, 15. May 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: Choose your best Skateshoe-E`s ,Emerica, Element, DC, Vans, Supra & many more....












Tuesday, 14. May 2019

Fakie Lady Meran/o: Show your feets! Fresh Flip Flops & Sandals for hot summer days







Monday, 13. May 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: Dakine Bags+Backpacks- simple, durable, comfortable- what du you want more?













Monday, 13. May 2019

Fakie Lady Meran/o: hey ladys! a small overview from the new Billabong+Element+ Ruca sommer collection - nice!!






Monday, 13. May 2019

Fakietech Meran/o: already known? Primarily to read- then to wear




Saturday, 11. May 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: Fakie Skatetour 2018- Tenerife- watch the video on facebook.com



















Friday, 10. May 2019

Fakie Lady Meran/o: You dont wear any dresses? Try the new jumpers!









Thursday, 09. May 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: Billabong x Jean Michel Basquiat- Great art meets surf culture





Friday, 03. May 2019

Fakie Lady Meran/o: We´re waiting for the Sun!!!
















Friday, 03. May 2019

Lil.fakie Silandro: Fakie Schlanders- a little restyling









Wednesday, 01. May 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: New Fakie decks and apparel in shop

after a good skate session nothing better than a good beer  


fakie basics and art by Goller Lukas 




Tuesday, 30. April 2019

Fakietech Meran/o: wear your best friends!







Tuesday, 30. April 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: Ruca- find your balance in the opposite





Friday, 26. April 2019

Fakieshop Meran/o: Vissla- The new generation of surf culture, creators and innovators







Friday, 26. April 2019

Fakie Lady Meran/o: all Volcom Girls bring a good mood for this summer!!




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