Bataleon Evil Twin 154 // Twin

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Bataleon Evil Twin 154 // Twin

The EVIL TWIN is everyones favorite twin. Now entering its tenth year in production we decided to give this one a special graphic build up of all the graphics of the past editions. The EVIL TWIN is as always shaped with TWIN TBT which offers a wide enough centerbase flat section for stable jibbing, while featuring enough total sidebase upturn to carve seriously smooth, making it very playful from peak to park. The TWIN TBT also helps with sketchy landings, tending to track the board back to straight more often because the widest points of the board dig into the snow less, even when the it lands 90 degrees short! The versatility of TBT means that as well as park and backcountry kickers. The EVIL TWIN is also great for all mountain and powder riding and it remains the most all-round twin in our range. Here is to another 10 years!


TWIN TBT is great for park riding. In this shape we combine a traditional smoothly curving tip to tail camber. TWIN TBT boards feature longer contact lengths than JIB- or PARK TBT for more stability at speed. This makes TWIN TBT suitable for riding all kinds of parks and terrain.

The 4x2/22 pattern offers maximum precision in your binding position with 22 inserts for a large total stance width range.

Fast as fuck! Great wax absorption and as hard as nails. these bases come with factory wax already infused. top up regularly to get the most out of it.

Full poplar wood core. Flexible, with good elastic properties for presses and pop. It may be bendy but the full poplar beat all of our breakage tests.

Tri-ax laminates over and under the wood core include fibreglass layers aligned in three directions (two at 45 degrees to the edges and the extra one along the boards length). This generally increases the stiffness and stability of the board to deliver maximum precision in your riding.




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